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A young promising astrologer got   Diploma (jyotish bharati) in Astrology, Astronomy, Palmistry in the year of 2013 and stood 3rd position among the batch.   In 2014 got degree (jyotish sastri) in Yog jyotish Mundane astrology, Astronomy, Medicale astrology, Palmistry, Stood 2nd position on the batch.   In 2015 got M.A (jyotish Acharya) in Horary Astrology Bastu sastra Higher Palmistry Sonatan jyotish  Face reading   Numerology  Higher medical Astrology Did research on palmistry  Stood 3rd position on the batch   In 2016 got M.Phil in  Bastu  Palmistry Astrology Numerology Medical astrology Gemology  Did research on bastu sastra Stood 1st position on the batch   In 2017 got Ph.D in  Naksatra jyotish Did research on naksatra  Stood 1st position on the batch. Received the best Astrologer of the year From orissa   In 2018 … Even after bagging all such degrees astrologer Samrat Bose still doing a vigorous research on “Astro Bastu” presently ..

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