Why Astrologer Samrat

Why you must visit Astrologer Samrat in Kolkata, Howrah, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chennai, Bangalore

Peoples are suffering from the following problem consult with Samrat to make their life happy and wealthy.

  • He can solve dispute among the husband wife and dispute among the boyfriend girlfriend
  • Dispute arise from the divorce situation
  • Depression for not having child or child education.
  • Remove your Vastu dosh aur Manglik dosh
  • Health problem to severe illness and its after effect
  • Help you to get the job
  • Control your lover and help you to get back your lost love
  • Can help you to solve the dispute which is arise into family members
  • If you or anyone from your family are dru-gs addicted or alcoholic then consult with Samrat can solve your problem easily


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In India you may found a numerous good astrologer but “H ere is the question why you should come to Samrat Shastri ? ”

There  is a vital ground and a very  honest reason that if you believe in astrology or tan-tro then in your life at least for once you visit astrologer and tantrik Samrat Shastri.

First of all his achievement I and the astrological degrees . Moreover he is the active member and Assistant secretary Astrology and Astrologers Welfare Association (Astro Council of Bengal), He is the Assistant Secretary of Adi Guru Shankaracharya temple and Convener of Yuva. He is experienced more than 15 years. Tantrik Vidya  is one of the special interest of Samrat Shastri. In India there is more than 10 temple where tantrik Kriya is done. The most believable is Kamakhya and then Tarapith Samrat is the active member of Kamakhya and a regular visitor tantrik astrologer in Tarapith so you can be sure that as astrologer he has gain a huge knowledge from his life.

And if you visit once at Samrat chamber or consult him with online or phone then you can be sure that any problem in your life related to your family your personal life and your career can be solved properly.

  • Diploma (jyotish bharati) in Astrology, Astronomy, Palmistry in the year of 2013 and stood 3rd position among the batch.
  • In 2014 got degree (jyotish sastri) in Yog jyotish Mundane astrology, Astronomy, Medicale astrology, Palmistry Stood 2nd position on the batch.
  • In 2015 got M.A (jyotish Acharya) in Horary Astrology Vastu Sastra.
  • Higher Palmistry Sonatan jyotish Face reading Numerology Higher medical Astrology Did research on palmistry Stood 3rd position on the batch In 2016.
  • M.Phil in Bastu Palmistry Astrology Numerology Medical astrology Gemology Did research on bastu sastra Stood 1st position on the batch
  • In 2017 got Ph.D in Naksatra jyotish Did research on naksatra Stood 1st position on the batch.
  • Received the best Astrologer of the year From orissa In 2018.

Assistant Secretary of Astrology and Astrologer Welfare Association
Convener of Yuva
Secretary: Adi Guru Shankaracharya Temple.

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Astrologer Samrat Bose (Ph.D., Assistant Secretary – AAWA, Conveners AAWA – Yuva )
Chambers: 7, Hidaram Banerjee Lane, Bow Bazar Kolkata-12
Email: aadyaonline@gmail.com
Contact No. 7439744208

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