Business Astrologer

Searching for a Genuine Business astrologer in Kolkata ? Business Astrologer Samrat Shastri has been serving the city in the field of Astrology since 15 years.

Business and Companies visit Business Astrologer to make their endeavors significantly more effective.  Astrological analysis is pivotal in realizing how to successfully deal with your workers. A decent pioneer realizes how to draw out the absolute best in every worker, and their soothsaying diagrams help. Business Astrology investigation shows what every individual should be upbeat and along these lines profitable in work.

Astrology is a definitive device Understanding your organization’s diagram can extraordinarily upgrade your accomplishments in business. Timing is everything. Knowing the most promising time for settling on monetary choices frequently decides the result. if the planets are in ideal situations in the Astrology diagram of your business, achievement is practically guaranteed!

How business astrologer use astrology for Business and Corporates?


  • Choose the start or launch date of a new business.

  • Choose Business Name and Logo.
  • Timing for crucial deals .

  • Astrology for location strategy for business.

  • Astrological compatibility between employers.

  • Choose the time to sign contracts etc.


From astrological point of view since corporate is ruled by many individuals which include the  Directors the horoscopes of the key persons become of most importance for it’s growth.

It becomes relevant that the owner or main persons have the appropriate combinations in relation to the business carried out by the others. Similarly the right combination for various employee and employers . For example the head of finance departments should have good mercury and Jupiter. Similarly quality and project control head should have good mercury and Venus and so forth.

In the cases the horoscope of the individuals are of great importance for future results.